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9 Guiding Principles for Women in Higher Education

Introduction: How to Thrive

  1. Face Down Impostor Syndrome

  2. Connect with Your Colleagues

  3. Build a Team of Mentors

  4. Manage Your Time

  5. Connect with Your Students

  6. Reflect on Teaching and Student Evaluations

  7. Make Scholarship a Habit

  8. Prepare for Tenure and Promotion Early

  9. Revolutionize Higher Education through Generosity and Compassion

Conclusion: Celebrate



The 4 Sproles Tests of Educational Philosophy (4 STEP) Quiz

Mentoring, Coaching, and Active Listening

Formative Analysis of Classroom Teaching (FACT)

The Game of 35

Planning a Realistic Summer Break

Stereotype Threat: How to Mitigate It in the Classroom

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